Is there only one way to implement a PMS?

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Many times, in my classes, I have found that type of attendee who wants to know THE process, the one and only sequence to drive a project from point A to point B. That magic stick doesn´t frequently exist, unfortunately.

It´s the same in PMS implementations. According to the culture, current situation and strategy of the company, the PMS implementation can pass over very different steps and hurdles.

A few days ago a contact of mine sent me this message:

“My company is going through a LEAN project to focus most of the departments on the same priorities. On the HR side we are also working on developing our management system to make the directors and heads of departments provide a regular feedback to their teams. I wonder if you can give me any idea to match both projects before this Lean run over my activities”.

Actually this situation can be a good one. As the company is making its efforts to implement a Lean project, HR team can leverage it to draw the goals that will be part of the PMS.

I love Lean philosophy, specially since it went beyond representing just budget and jobs cutbacks. It means the must-do of continuous improvement in organizations, with three characteristics:

  • LEAN doesn´t only mean cost reduction, but reinforcing the value added to clients.
  • LEAN demands staff participation to preserve value added and remove any waste from our processes.
  • LEAN promotes improvement in a sustained manner and, therefore, growth and competitiveness. It is not about an isolated project but something that enriches our way of being as a company. 

The advice for my contact was to watch LEAN project implementation and use the goals established for different departments to be the required goals for people in the PMS. Use LEAN as the hardware and PMS as the software to provide soft skills to managers to encourage people performance.

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    • Sure, let´s say that LEAN project establishes that Logistics department must provide an answer to the web shop of the company including the delivery date of all the sold goods so that all the shipments to be sent every day have a confirmed delivery date to be comunicated to the client. This commitment can be used by the COO to set up goals to the logistics head measuring if this department has made possible to give an excellent service to clients. For instance: “a delivery date is provided to the web shop in the term of 12 hours for the 95% of the sold goods”.


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