Why PMS tipically fail? [review]

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I bring here another interesting clip picked from YouTube. The story portraits very well a usual scene in companies where, unfortunately, management level can´t frequently understand properly the elements and benefits from a PMS. Take good explanations from here to use in your organization:

I find particularly interesting:

  • diagram of what a PMS is and what main blocks form it
  • reason for PMS failure, specially
    • when the company doesn´t become the PMS an everyday system
    • when managers are permissive with poor performance (it is not a favour for underperformers!)
    • Personal performance measurement are misaligned or incorrectly expressed

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  1. Thanks! Actually hadn´t seen previously those 3 blocks so clearly. I´m afraid we usually talk only about the performance appraisal one, where managers and team members have to agreed upon resolutions.


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